"I work in the music industry fraught with last minute quirky merchandise requests. Many of the promotional companies who have approached me over the years usually wax lyrical about how they can help me with anything but after a few weeks they fall by the wayside because my requests are too diverse for their standard range of products. Bo-jangles have proved how dynamic they are by being able to source 99% of my requests regardless of how bizarre. I continue to work with them because they continue to deliver."

Universal Music

"You are absolute stars and if you all lived closer I would drive over and give you a HUGE hug. We are getting so much positive feedback about the items we already have, so all I can do is thank you soooo much."

Smith Brothers Stores Ltd

"All received and happy with them. Thank you so much for the impeccable service from start to finish."

Cat Publications

"What can I say the Keymaze puzzles were a hit! We actually had people coming to our stand asking for them because they had seen someone else with one! I also recommended your company to several other business who were equally impressed with the items! Anyway I just wanted to give credit where credit is due and thank you for your help with the products!"

Gazpack B.V.

"Very happy with the quality and very efficient delivery, thank you."

Xsem Ltd

"I’ve finally had an opportunity to review the Rio sunglasses, pen, notebooks and totes, and I have to say they all look rather splendid. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, its very much appreciated."

Hall & Woodhouse Limited

"Thank you very much for your very efficient, friendly and helpful service. I am sure we will be ordering from you again."

The Oakleaf Group

"I can confirm that the wristbands have been delivered - thank you for sorting them out so quickly, they look great. We are pleased with the speed and support Bo-jangles have offered us with this event."

Solvay Composite Materials