Responsibilities of Event Organisers - COVID-19

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What additional precautions are needed at events to ensure they are COVID-19 safe?

With so many businesses having to adjust their operations in light of COVID-19, it is no surprise that many are reaching out for advice to ensure they meet legal, ethical, moral and social requirements.


The events industry has been one of the hardest hit sectors, with almost all large scale events in the UK unable to go ahead due to restrictions on numbers and the inability to maintain social distancing regulations.  This is, of course, bitterly disappointing.  However, there is light at the end of the tunnel as we all look to the near future, when we will start to see restrictions easing. 

With some new adjustments in place to allow for safe practice at events, business events organisers may well need to encompass these changes for the long term.

So what additional precautions are needed at events to ensure they are COVID-19 safe?

It is important to first state that with all events, the responsibility and liability legally lies and remains with the event organiser. A robust Event Management Plan needs to be produced with appropriate risk assessments specifically related to COVID-19 and how risks will be mitigated, using the latest Government Guidance.


  1. Think about what needs to change in order to allow for social distancing, hygiene and COVID-safety guidelines.
  2. Consider whether the event will achieve the same goals if certain restrictions are in place.

  3. Think about how you can reduce close physical contact at the event between attendees and staff.

  4. Is it possible to host the event as a ‘virtual event’ rather than with a physically present audience?

  5. Can the event be broken down into a number of smaller events?

  6. Consider the event venue and whether outdoor hosting is possible.  Are social distancing measures in place already at the host venue?

  7. Ensure that all staff and event organisers are able to comply with current health and safety guidance.

  8. Ensure that your event plan is able to adapt to changing COVID-19 guidance.  Be aware that guidance can be changed at short notice.

  9. Think about merchandise items you may need to budget for that would demonstrate good practice COVID-19 responsibility at your event.


What You Might Need at Your Event


  • PPE Kits: Disposable or branded reusable face masks. Event organisers could even provide these in a handy branded case with carabiner clip or lanyard.

  • Hand Sanitisers: Once again, these can be branded with your company logo. There are many different formats and options available for these, such as sanitisers with carabiner clips, credit card shaped sanitisers and keyring sanitisers.

  • Hand Sanitiser Stations.  Can be fully branded with your company logo.  The print space could also be used to display COVID-19 event safety rules.

  • Biofree ® Pens and Pencils.  These writing instruments are specially formulated with a biofree ® additive that provides continuous antibacterial and antifungal protection and cleans the pen/pencil of microbes as you use it.

  • Antimicrobial Lanyards: These lanyards have SteriTouch additives to provide continuous, long term protection against bacteria and mould.


If you are an event organisation, and are in the throes of planning your forthcoming events, why not have a chat with one of our friendly advisors about your COVID-19 merchandise requirements.  We would be very happy to help you with solutions to ensure your event goes ahead safely and responsibly. 

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