Environmental Policy

Bo-jangles aims at all times to improve its environmental and social performance and to help contribute to a better quality of life for everyone, both now and for future generations.

This will be achieved by:

  1. Striving to improve our economic, environmental and social performance, and integrating environmental and social factors in our management systems and programmes and in our commercial decisions.
  2. Identifying any of our activities that may detrimentally impact on society and the environment and developing programmes to minimise these impacts.
  3. Using natural resources efficiently, minimising waste and harmful releases to the environment.
  4. Meeting or exceeding requirements of relevant rules and regulations.
  5. Setting clearly defined objectives and targets addressing our environmental and social issues.
  6. Raising awareness of environmental and social issues with staff, partners and suppliers, who we will seek to influence to adopt similar policies.
  7. Undertaking open dialogue on our environmental and social programmes with our staff, customers and other stakeholders.
  8. Working constructively with organisations concerned for communities, society and the environment.
  9. Providing support, advice and training to staff on matters relating to our environmental and social performance.
  10. Monitoring, auditing and reviewing our performance.
  11. Regularly reviewing policies and management systems in these areas in order to drive for continual improvement.