1. Large Yo-yo 410063

    Large Yo-yo
    Large Yo-Yos designed to allow for a larger print area - ideal for giveaways. Timeless fun for both...


  2. Light Up Yo-Yo 423961

    Light Up Yo-Yo
    Yo-yo all day and all night with this low cost light up yoyo. The red LED light inside flashes when...


  3. Recycled Yo-yo 410062

    Recycled Yo-yo
    Recycled yo-yo with safety finger loop.


  4. Milux yo-yo 431720

    Milux yo-yo
    Flat plastic yo-yo.

    From£0.35 EACH

  5. Basic Yo-Yo 002138131

    Basic Yo-Yo
    A classic favourite, this simple yet effective toy provides a flat surface for your brand. EN71...

    From£0.35 EACH

  6. Cretium yo-yo 431723

    Cretium yo-yo
    Natural wooden yo-yo with white cotton line.

    From£0.82 EACH

  7. Manufactured Garo plastic yo-yo 430628

    Manufactured Garo plastic yo-yo
    A plastic yoyo a fun way to promote your brand. EN71 compliant. Material: GPPS Plastic. Brand: PF...

    From£0.48 EACH

  8. Wooden Yo-Yo 444787

    Wooden Yo-Yo
    Natural wood yo-yo.

    From£0.64 EACH

  9. Runux yo-yo 431719

    Runux yo-yo
    Flat yo-yo in ecological bamboo fibre plastic.

    From£0.93 EACH

  10. Yo-Yo in Plastic 002155596

    Yo-Yo in Plastic
    Promotional yo-yo manufactured from printable plastic. Suitable for spot colour and full colour...

    From£0.66 EACH

  11. Wooden yoyo 002134980

    Wooden yoyo
    Wooden yoyo. Material: Wood.

    From£0.82 EACH

  12. Deluxe Yo-Yo 702152500

    Deluxe Yo-Yo
    The deluxe Yo-Yo is designed to take an insert print. The glitter ring makes the Yo-Yo slightly...

    From£1.02 EACH

  13. Recycled Plastic Yo-Yo 002148648

    Recycled Plastic Yo-Yo
    Promotional yo-yo made from recycled plastic. Suitable for spot colour and full colour printing on...

    From£0.97 EACH

  14. Yoyo Runux 445239

    Yoyo Runux
    Nature line yoyo in bamboo fibre, for the classic gamers.

    From£0.83 EACH

  15. Yoyo Milux 002152372

    Yoyo Milux
    Plastic Yo-Yo in range of colours.

    From£0.82 EACH

  16. Yoyo Cretium 002151265

    Yoyo Cretium
    Classic wooden yoyo with white string. A timeless form of entertainment for adults and children.

    From£0.88 EACH

  17. Anti-Bacterial Yoyo Tesam 445493

    Anti-Bacterial Yoyo Tesam
    Antibacterial yoyo in white colour PS material with a solid finishing. 100 cm, matching colour...

    From£0.89 EACH

  18. Yoyo Curl 444238

    Yoyo Curl
    Promotional wooden yo-yo.

    From£0.99 EACH

  19. Green & Good Wooden Yoyo - Sustainable Wood 002129511

    Green & Good Wooden Yoyo - Sustainable Wood
    The Green & Good Wooden Yoyo made from sustainable timber. Great natural give-away for children and...

    From£1.46 EACH

  20. YoYo with light 002135040

    YoYo with light
    Yoyo with flashing red colour light. Includes 2 cell batteries. Material: Plastic.

    From£1.63 EACH

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