1. Snowflake Multi Tool 002137814

    Snowflake Multi Tool
    19 function metal multi-tool in shape of snowflake. Perfect practical gift. 60mm x 6.5mm. Functions...


  2. Bianco paper knife 432818

    Bianco paper knife
    Small, transparent plastic paper knife.

    From£0.38 EACH

  3. Balic. Cutter 422683

    Balic. Cutter
    Utility knife with locking mechanism for security and removable top for blade adjustment. Coloured...

    From£0.35 EACH

  4. Koltom paper knife 432816

    Koltom paper knife
    Plastic paper knife.

    From£0.54 EACH

  5. Recycled 15cm Ruler - White 18703B

    Recycled 15cm Ruler - White
    150mm ruler. Made in the UK from recycled plastic and digitally printed up to full colour as...

    From£0.26 EACH

  6. Payton. Cutter 422684

    Payton. Cutter
    Utility knife with locking mechanism for security and removable top for blade adjustment. Coloured...

    From£0.52 EACH

  7. RapiCut paper knife 432819

    RapiCut paper knife
    Plastic paper knife with self-retracting blade.

    From£0.66 EACH

  8. 150mm Oval Scale Ruler - Architects/Engineers 12702X

    150mm Oval Scale Ruler - Architects/Engineers
    Architects or Engineers oval scale ruler in white. Professional quality tool with 8 different...

    From£0.65 Each

  9. Retractable knife 002135104

    Retractable knife
    Retractable knife. Clear finish and coloured body. Material: Plastic.

    From£0.53 EACH

  10. Magnetic Combi Key 12504X

    Magnetic Combi Key
    Message center plus radiator bleed tool and meter box key. Attached to boiler, radiator or fridge...

    From£0.61 Each

  11. Paper Slitter 002148735

    Paper Slitter
    Safe paper slitter in moulded plastic hand hardened steel blade. Material : Plastic.

    From£0.49 EACH

  12. Bath Water Temperature Gauges 19004B

    Bath Water Temperature Gauges
    Bath water temperature gauges available in frog, duck and whale shapes. They can be personalised...

    From£0.61 EACH

  13. Manufactured Hygiene Key 418325

    Manufactured Hygiene Key
    A simple but effective hygiene tool that allows the user to open doors and push buttons without any...

    From£0.55 EACH

  14. Bullet Camber tyre gauge 413661

    Bullet Camber tyre gauge
    Camber tyre gauge. Make sure your tires have the right pressure, this will not only lead to less...

    From£0.76 EACH

  15. Fainel paper knife 432817

    Fainel paper knife
    Stainless steel paper knife.

    From£0.90 EACH

  16. Manufactured Hygiene Key Plus 418333

    Manufactured Hygiene Key Plus
    A larger version of the Hygiene key, with more space available for decoration. This simple but...

    From£0.66 EACH

  17. Info Wheels 19001B

    Info Wheels
    140mm Information wheel. Turn the wheel to match up your data. Printed in full colour on 380gsm...

    From£0.77 EACH

  18. Magnetic Combi Key 002149093

    Magnetic Combi Key
    Message Center plus Radiator Bleed Tool & Meter Box Key. Attached to Boiler, Radiator or Fridge...

    From£0.71 EACH

  19. Multi Tool 002119565

    Multi Tool
    Useful multi tool, presented in a pouch which can be blind debossed.

    From£0.84 EACH

  20. 150mm Scale Ruler 18605B

    150mm Scale Ruler
    Architects or Engineers 150mm oval scale ruler in white. A professional quality tool with 8...

    From£0.82 EACH

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