Tape Measures

  1. Keyter. Keyring 425954

    Keyter. Keyring
    Promotional keyring with 1m tape measure. 40 x 15 x 44 mm. Material : Plastic.


  2. Matheus. Keyring 425951

    Matheus. Keyring
    Plastic keyring with tape measure, 1m. This is a promotional product. 40 x 14 x 37 mm. Material :...


  3. Meter II. Tape Measure 426270

    Meter II. Tape Measure
    Tape measure from plastic and metal with stopping, belt clip and magnetic hook, 5 m. This is a...


  4. Hawkes tailor's tape measure 432840

    Hawkes tailor's tape measure
    Plastic tailor's tape measure with push button lock, 1 m. With cm and inch scales.

    From£0.58 EACH

  5. Bullet Habana 1 metre measuring tape with keychain 413686

    Bullet Habana 1 metre measuring tape with keychain
    Habana 1 metre measuring tape with keychain. 1 meter retractable, locking tape measure showing...

    From£0.72 EACH

  6. Tyvek Tape Measure 18905B

    Tyvek Tape Measure
    Strong Tyvek Tape Measure 1.5 metres long x 2.5 cms wide with inches and cms along the full...

    From£0.68 EACH

  7. Coppi. Keyring with Measuring Tape 422658

    Coppi. Keyring with Measuring Tape
    Keyring with 1'5 m tape measure with brake. 60 x 48 x 15 mm. Material : Plastic.

    From£0.74 EACH

  8. Tailors measuring tape 1m 002134599

    Tailors measuring tape 1m
    1m ABS measuring tape in round shape. With push button to fold and unfold it. Has cm and inches...

    From£0.79 EACH

  9. Daltis Tape Measure Keyring 421431

    Daltis Tape Measure Keyring
    1 metre plastic tape measure with keyring attachment. Inch markings not included. Material: Plastic.

    From£0.71 EACH

  10. XD Collection Tailor tape 002128880

    XD Collection Tailor tape
    1.5m/60inch fibreglass tape with return push button, for fitness and fashion. Brand: XD Collection...

    From£0.86 EACH

  11. Tailor Tape Measure 002138245

    Tailor Tape Measure
    Round fabric 1.5m tape measure with lock button. Marked out in centimetres and inches.Red retract...

    From£0.60 EACH

  12. Harrol 1m tape measure 432834

    Harrol 1m tape measure
    Tape measure with plastic housing and keyring, 1 m.

    From£1.10 EACH

  13. Emir body tape measure 431911

    Emir body tape measure
    Plastic body tape measure with BMI display.

    From£1.20 EACH

  14. Tailors Tape Measure 444553

    Tailors Tape Measure
    Retractable 1.5m tape measure.

    From£0.88 EACH

  15. Spirit Level Tape Measure 002148586

    Spirit Level Tape Measure
    Plastic spirit level with 1 metre tape measure. Available for printing to a large branding area....

    From£0.59 EACH

  16. Skillet Tape Measure 002138203

    Skillet Tape Measure
    1 Metre plastic tape measure with built in spirit level. Comes complete with keychain and split...

    From£0.75 EACH

  17. Rapid tape measure 432837

    Rapid tape measure
    Plastic tape measure with lock function, metal clip and keyring, 2 m.

    From£1.41 EACH

  18. Twister Tape Measure 444551

    Twister Tape Measure
    1.5m retractable tape measure on a key ring.

    From£1.07 EACH

  19. Bullet Clark 3 metre measuring tape 413656

    Bullet Clark 3 metre measuring tape
    Clark 3 metre measuring tape. 3 meter measuring tape including belt clip and wrist strap. Shows...

    From£1.22 EACH

  20. Katsu. 1.5 m Tape Measure 426497

    Katsu. 1.5 m Tape Measure
    1'5 m ABS tape measure with Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator. 75 x 16 x 57 mm. Material :ABS.

    From£1.27 EACH

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