Tape Dispensers

  1. Plaster Dispenser 002148686

    Plaster Dispenser
    Refillable set of five latex free plasters. Material : Plastic.

    From£0.56 EACH

  2. ICO Smart Tape Dispenser 002119350

    ICO Smart Tape Dispenser
    Complete your stationary kit with the EU-made pocket-sized Smart Tape Dispenser, made from 30%...

    From£1.08 EACH

  3. Adhesive Tape Set Xilon 002152051

    Adhesive Tape Set Xilon
    Adhesive sticky tape set, including 3 tape dispensers. Supplied in clear zip close pouch.

    From£0.72 EACH

  4. Tape Dispenser Skot 002150729

    Tape Dispenser Skot
    Desktop tape dispenser. Tape included.

    From£1.93 EACH

  5. Tape Dispenser Yanic 002152832

    Tape Dispenser Yanic
    Plastic tape dispenser. Tape included.

    From£3.22 EACH

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