Scarfs & Gloves

  1. Alexandre. Gloves 422892

    Alexandre. Gloves
    Polar fabric gloves (200 g/m2). Size: 8. Material :Polar fleece: 200 g/m2.


  2. Arm Warmer 002137849

    Arm Warmer
    Arm warmers are perfect for cycling, exercise and running events. Material is 195g nylon spandex....


  3. Clique Functional Gloves 002131650

    Clique Functional Gloves
    Functional sport gloves in Polyester with decorative seams. - Fabric: 100% Polyester. - Gender:...


  4. Clique Reflective Gloves 438413

    Clique Reflective Gloves
    Light padded reflective gloves, perfect for a chilly early morning jog or to keep in the car. -...


  5. Custom Neckwear S2014101

    Custom Neckwear
    Fully customised neck-wear to any design - no limits to your design. Silk and polyester, cashmere,...


  6. Disposable Nitrile Gloves 423913

    Disposable Nitrile Gloves
    Protective Disposable Nitrile Gloves. 50 pairs of gloves in a box.


  7. Disposable Plastic Gloves 423914

    Disposable Plastic Gloves
    - Food-safe grade, can be used for preparation and serving. - One size fits all. - Supplied in...


  8. Jacquard Knitted Gloves 002148249

    Jacquard Knitted Gloves
    Jacquard Knitted Acrylic Gloves - Simple Text / Pattern Knitted Into Fabric Of Gloves. Available In...


  9. Jacquard Knitted Scarf 002148251

    Jacquard Knitted Scarf
    Jacquard Knitted Acrylic Scarf - Custom Made To Your Own Design.Double Thickness with / without...


  10. Loris. WomenS Scarf 426790

    Loris. WomenS Scarf
    Women's scarf, 35% viscose and 65% polyester, 155g/m2 in gift box. Scarf: 600 x 2000 mm. Material...


  11. Printed Scarves 002148246

    Printed Scarves
    Printed Scarves, double thinkness. Available with/without fringes.


  12. Projob 9026 Multiscarf 002130937

    Projob 9026 Multiscarf
    Stretchy multiscarf. Multiple areas of use, for example around the neck or as a hat. - Fabric: 100%...


  13. Touchscreen Gloves 405074

    Touchscreen Gloves
    Practical pair of gloves for touchscreen devices, warm and soft acrylic in fun colours. One size...


  14. White Latex Gloves 423912

    White Latex Gloves
    Protective latex gloves. These latex gloves are powder free and non-sterile, and are the perfect...


  15. Plus scarf 431994

    Plus scarf
    Triangle shaped head scarf, made of polyester.

    From£0.79 EACH

  16. Actium touch screen gloves 430991

    Actium touch screen gloves
    Touch screen gloves with special coating on 3 fingers, acrylic. In one size.

    From£1.41 EACH

  17. Cherin multipurpose scarf 432717

    Cherin multipurpose scarf
    Polyester multipurpose scarf.

    From£1.44 EACH

  18. Anut scarf 432723

    Anut scarf
    Polar fleece scarf, 180 g/m2.

    From£1.54 EACH

  19. Holiam multipurpose scarf 432718

    Holiam multipurpose scarf
    Polyester multipurpose scarf for kids.

    From£1.55 EACH

  20. Scarf Elguix 002151783

    Scarf Elguix
    Viscose/Polyester neck scarf. Supplied in three colours.

    From£0.94 EACH