Plastic Clocks

  1. Mini travel alarm clock 205132069

    Mini travel alarm clock
    REDUCED PRICE. Modern looking digital alarm clock with a large LED and snooze function.

    From£1.58 EACH

  2. Travel Alarm - Capsule Clock 202135476

    Travel Alarm - Capsule Clock
    Compact digital travel alarm clock with sliding front and mini stand. Available in orange and green.

    From£1.62 EACH

  3. Electronic Setting Alarm Clock 202135486

    Electronic Setting Alarm Clock
    Folding black travel clock with crescendo alarm, snooze function and light.

    From£1.97 EACH

  4. Radio Controlled Travel Alarm Clock 202135491

    Radio Controlled Travel Alarm Clock
    Radio controlled clock with current time, alarm time, date and temperature. Blue LED back light,...

    From£2.98 EACH

  5. World time clock - Traveller 202135483

    World time clock -  Traveller
    World time clock covering 24 time zones. Features alarm, snooze timer, light and temperature...

    From£7.18 EACH

  6. Bullet Seconds wireless charging clock 418242

    Bullet Seconds wireless charging clock
    Seconds wireless charging clock. The Seconds wireless charging clock with alarm function can be...

    From£11.75 EACH

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