Personal Alarms

  1. Personal alarm 395576

    Personal alarm
    Personal alarm in ABS which activates when the pin with keyring is pulled away from the main body,...

    From£2.00 EACH

  2. Pocket alarm "Ovada" 002133381

    Pocket alarm
    The pocket alarm can be activated by simply pulling out the pin on the keyring; includes a black...

    From£2.25 EACH

  3. XD Collection 2-in-1 personal alarm 002128143

    XD Collection 2-in-1 personal alarm
    Feel safer by carrying your own 2-in-1 personal alarm. You can easily set off a 120DB loud alarm in...

    From£3.91 EACH

  4. Personal Alarm with LED 002150638

    Personal Alarm with LED
    Small personal alarm with 1 White LED light, Ring and 3 AG13 batteries included. It is activated by...

    From£3.77 EACH