1. Pedometer Neiva 002152474

    Pedometer Neiva
    Colourful digital pedometer which counts steps, distance covered and calories burned on a display...

    From£1.35 EACH

  2. Pedometer Ferrium 002151860

    Pedometer Ferrium
    Pedometer with step counter. Batteries included.

    From£1.44 EACH

  3. Carmel Pedometer 002138206

    Carmel Pedometer
    Plastic basic pedometer with step counter. It will automatically turn off if motion is not detected...

    From£1.19 EACH

  4. Pedometer Step 444226

    Pedometer Step
    Translucent pedometer with step counting, distance travelled and calories burnt counter.

    From£1.54 EACH

  5. Runy. Step Counter 422745

    Runy. Step Counter
    Pedometer with 1 AG10 battery included. 47 x 35 x 20 mm. Material : Plastic.

    From£1.98 EACH

  6. Pedometer 002134475

    Pedometer with clip in ABS casing. With step, distance (miles and kilometres) and calorie counter,...

    From£2.19 EACH

  7. Sride Pedometer 444638

    Sride Pedometer
    Digital pedometer which counts steps, distance covered, calories burned, belt clip and batteries...

    From£1.59 EACH

  8. Digi Pedometer 002148976

    Digi Pedometer
    Multifunction pedometer with belt clip. Records calories burnt, distance travelled and steps ...

    From£2.61 EACH

  9. Pedometer bracelet 395570

    Pedometer bracelet
    Pedometer bracelet. Includes step, distance, time and calorie counter. 1 AG10 cell battery included.

    From£3.16 EACH

  10. XD Collection Pedometer bracelet 002128581

    XD Collection Pedometer bracelet
    Pedometer bracelet with ABS pedometer unit and acrylic screen. The armband is made out of...

    From£3.96 EACH

  11. Easy View Pedometer 002132035

    Easy View Pedometer
    Stylish pedometer with easy to read jumbo digits and built in belt clip. Functions include step...

    From£3.20 EACH

  12. Tri view pedometer 440575

    Tri view pedometer
    Pedometer includes - Step Count, Distance and Calorie. Measurements, a 5 Steps Error Correction...

    From£4.03 EACH

  13. Mishnock Pedometer 002138205

    Mishnock Pedometer
    Solar powered pedometer with step counter distance in miles and calorie counter.

    From£3.52 EACH

  14. Le Clip pedometer 440574

    Le Clip pedometer
    3D Pedometer with a speed sensor, step count, distance and calorie measurements, 10 steps error...

    From£7.79 EACH