Outdoor Items

  1. Delta Kite 002137892

    Delta Kite
    Modern arrow shaped design allowing for flight in the lightest winds. Nylon material with...


  2. Inflatable Armbands 422841

    Inflatable Armbands
    Inflatable armbands. Transparent/opaque PVC. Empty: 240 x 155 mm. Material : PVC.


  3. Mini Sky Diamond Kite 002137907

    Mini Sky Diamond Kite
    Classic shape mini kite. Size: 25cm x 27cm. Made from durable nylon with fibreglass pole. Supplied...


  4. Parafoil Kite 002137882

    Parafoil Kite
    Parafoil Stunt Kite. Nylon kite with large print area. Size: 120cm x 55cm. Supplied with 2 handles...


  5. PU Non Slip Mat 002141716

    PU Non Slip Mat
    PU gel material, with strong stickiness. Can be used for holding digital devices, sunglasses or...


  6. Stunt Kite 002137906

    Stunt Kite
    Popular sports . Instructions included to assist with flight and assembly. Size: 120cm x 55cm....


  7. Hand clapper 401948

    Hand clapper
    The hand-clapper made of plastic is an ideal companion at sports or other events. Your logo will be...

    £0.54 EACH

  8. Whistle Yopet 002152187

    Whistle Yopet
    Plastic whistle on a neck cord.

    £0.58 EACH

  9. Bullet High-five hand clapper 413640

    Bullet High-five hand clapper
    High-five hand clapper. Duo-tone hand clapper for making noise and giving applause. Compliant with...

    £0.61 EACH

  10. Carabineer 002133963

    The Carabineer is a great for retaining kit to rucksacks, belts etc, and clips to just about...

    £0.61 EACH

  11. Green & Good Standard Seed Packet 002129509

    Green & Good Standard Seed Packet
    The Green & Good Standard Seed Packet come in pre-printed packets with the relevant seed variety....

    £0.68 EACH

  12. Bullet Mills bike seat cover 414216

    Bullet Mills bike seat cover
    Mills bike seat cover. Reusable, lightweight seat cover with water resistant PU coating and elastic...

    £0.77 EACH

  13. Carabineer Strap 002133965

    Carabineer Strap
    Polyester strap with carabineer and split ring.

    £0.79 EACH

  14. Flat Whistle 002138210

    Flat Whistle
    Flat plastic whistle with matching coloured neck cord, EN71 approved.

    £0.79 EACH

  15. Bullet Tringtring aluminium bicycle bell 418059

    Bullet Tringtring aluminium bicycle bell
    Tringtring aluminium bicycle bell. Notify fellow road users with this aluminium bicycle bell. It...

    £0.84 EACH

  16. Small Hand Clapper 002138209

    Small Hand Clapper
    Small plastic hand clapper. EN71 approved.

    £0.89 EACH

  17. Saddle cover 002134652

    Saddle cover
    Saddle cover for bicycle made in polyester with elastic rubber trimming. Material: Polyester.

    £0.93 EACH

  18. Folding Frisbee 002141334

    Folding Frisbee
    The Folding Frisbee folds into it's own matching storage pouch with a very simple 'twist and fold'...

    £1.02 EACH

  19. Carabiner (UK stock) 002133846

    Carabiner (UK stock)
    The carabiner is great for fastening kit to rucksacks, belts etc. and clips to just about anything.

    £1.03 EACH

  20. Carabiner Strap (UK stock) 002133847

    Carabiner Strap (UK stock)
    Polyester strap with aluminium patch and coloured carabiner and split ring.

    £1.35 EACH

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