Other Sporting Equipment

  1. Full Size American Football 002137868

    Full Size American Football
    Made in authentic pimple grain rubber material. Can be colour matched and printed to all 4 panels...


  2. Full Size Basket Ball 002137866

    Full Size Basket Ball
    Size 7, Full Size Promotional Basket Ball. Made in pimpled grain material to the full size...


  3. Full Size Cricket Bat 002137886

    Full Size Cricket Bat
    Full Size Promotional Cricket Bat. Hand made in India with rubber grip. The full size cricket bat...


  4. Head Sweatband 002137865

    Head Sweatband
    Made from polyester cotton this is a perfect promotional item for health and fitness related...


  5. Phone Running Armband 002137881

    Phone Running Armband
    Velcro fastening armband with clear screen cover to allow visibility and use of your phone. Great...


  6. Plastic Cricket Set 002137880

    Plastic Cricket Set
    Plastic Cricket Set available in a variety of colours. Set consists of 2x Bats, 1x Stumps and...


  7. Snood Face Mask 002137859

    Snood Face Mask
    Colour Matched Material and All Over Print. Comfortable Multifunction Buff for Use in Sport and...


  8. Space Marker Training Cone 002137808

    Space Marker Training Cone
    Space Marker Training Cones. Great for Sports events and training. Training Disc. Diameter Size...


  9. Swimming Cap 002137874

    Swimming Cap
    SWIMMING HATS. High quality swimming Hat made from Silicone. Printed to both sides as standard....


  10. Tennis Ball 002137869

    Tennis Ball
    High Quality promotional tennis balls. Rubber balls coated in felt. 21cm circumference and...


  11. Training Bib 002137809

    Training Bib
    Perfect for sport activities and events. Size: XS - XL. Colours available: Royal Blue, Red,...


  12. Training Cricket Ball 002137872

    Training Cricket Ball
    SOFT PVC CRICKET TRAINING BALL. Colour matched Training ball with moulded seam. 85-90g


  13. Wrist Sweatband 002137864

    Wrist Sweatband
    Colour matched material to closest stock colour. Size: 9.5cm x 7.3cm. One size fits all. Made from...


  14. Be Seen clip on light 440573

    Be Seen clip on light
    Hand clip on light to ensure you are seen in the dark. Clip to clothing or bags.

    From£3.75 EACH

  15. Be Seen shoe light 440572

    Be Seen shoe light
    Winner of IF Design Award. An innovative lightweight spur style LED that clips securely and...

    From£5.34 EACH

  16. Be Seen armband 440571

    Be Seen armband
    A lightweight and comfortable band which easily wraps around your arm or leg to give you 100+ hours...

    From£5.50 EACH

  17. Bilbon reflective running armband 439552

    Bilbon reflective running armband
    Reflective running armband case in polyester with zipped compartment. It can be used to carry a...

    From£7.65 EACH

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