Hair Products

  1. Comb Wofel 445353

    Comb Wofel
    Nature line comb in wheat straw, to encourage the use of natural raw materials and reducing...

    From£0.36 EACH

  2. Hairbrush With Mirror Glance 444314

    Hairbrush With Mirror Glance
    Push out hairbrush with mirror.

    From£0.72 EACH

  3. Folding Hair Brush 002140709

    Folding Hair Brush
    Folding hair brush with mirror and great print area.

    From£0.90 EACH

  4. Style Hairbrush with Mirror 421271

    Style Hairbrush with Mirror
    High quality foldable hairbrush with integrated mirror. Suitable for spot colour and full colour...

    From£0.99 EACH

  5. Foldable hairbrush with mirror 002134940

    Foldable hairbrush with mirror
    Foldable hairbrush with mirror in plastic housing. Material: Plastic.

    From£1.06 EACH

  6. Bamboo comb 442209

    Bamboo comb
    Bamboo comb with kraft paper sleeve. Material: Bamboo.

    From£1.26 EACH

  7. Hairbrush with Mirror Yunkai 002151532

    Hairbrush with Mirror Yunkai
    Foldable hairbrush with mirror.

    From£0.97 EACH

  8. Comb Garet 445354

    Comb Garet
    Nature line comb in polished bamboo, with wide printing area on handle.

    From£1.19 EACH

  9. Bullet Cosmique anti-tangle hairbrush 416232

    Bullet Cosmique anti-tangle hairbrush
    Cosmique anti-tangle hairbrush. Anti-tangle brush with a iridescent finish. Material: ABS Plastic,...

    From£2.38 EACH

  10. Hairbrush Zilam 002151167

    Hairbrush Zilam
    Anti-tangle brush with a white handle and black bristles. Avoid wear and tear on your hair with...

    From£1.96 EACH

  11. Hairbrush Tramux 002153592

    Hairbrush Tramux
    Anti-tangle hair brush in a round, modern and minimalistic design. Available in popular metallic...

    From£2.37 EACH

  12. Hairbrush Dantel 445397

    Hairbrush Dantel
    Nature line hairbrush in wheat straw, to encourage the use of natural raw materials and reducing...

    From£2.54 EACH

  13. Hairbrush Dolty 002151587

    Hairbrush Dolty
    Anti-tangle bicolour hairbrush in modern design. A must have hair accessory.

    From£2.65 EACH

  14. Avenue Cyril bamboo massaging hairbrush 418005

    Avenue Cyril bamboo massaging hairbrush
    Cyril bamboo massaging hairbrush. Hairbrush with bamboo bristles to detangle, smooth and style any...

    From£6.23 EACH

  15. Hairbrush Aveiro 444870

    Hairbrush Aveiro
    Nature line brush in polished bamboo to encourage the use of natural raw materials and reduce...

    From£4.93 EACH

  16. Hair Straightener Hazor 002151072

    Hair Straightener Hazor
    Antonio Miro hair straightener with ceramic coating, AC 200-240v.

    From£8.79 EACH