Cleaning Pads

  1. Dustpan & Brush 002135455

    Dustpan & Brush
    This stylish dustpan and brush set is equipped with unique cleaning bristles that are very easy to...


  2. Jumbo Sponge 391598

    Jumbo Sponge
    Our jumbo sponge is a fantastic must have item to help clean large kitchen areas, cars, floors and...


  3. Utility Sponge 391356

    Utility Sponge
    Multipurpose utility sponge can be used in a number of ways and with this means you get the most of...


  4. Yellow Duster 002135505

    Yellow Duster
    Clean up with our promotional printed dusters!Ideal for cleaning, domestic and commercial...


  5. Bullet Wiped screen cleaning cloth 416257

    Bullet Wiped screen cleaning cloth
    Wiped screen cleaning cloth. Tech Screen Cleaning Cloth. Soft touch cloth for cleaning any glass...

    From£0.43 EACH

  6. RPET cleaning cloth 13x13cm 396138

    RPET cleaning cloth 13x13cm
    RPET cleaning cloth For cleaning a screen display, TV, game computer, tablet, mobile phone or...

    From£0.42 EACH

  7. Lens Cloth 002133830

    Lens Cloth
    Microfiber lens cloth for cleaning glasses. With a massive branding area to personalize the cloth,...

    From£0.60 EACH

  8. Micro Pocket 002133829

    Micro Pocket
    Soft microfibre cloth housed in a protective pouch. The lens cloth stays attached to the inside of...

    From£2.03 EACH

  9. Window Cleaner Turbon 002151663

    Window Cleaner Turbon
    Window cleaning squeegee with spray bottle. Liquid not included.

    From£1.71 EACH

  10. Set of vegetable bamboo brushes 442276

    Set of vegetable bamboo brushes
    Set of 2 bamboo vegetable brushes.

    From£5.52 EACH

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