1. Elaine. Decorative Candle 422739

    Elaine. Decorative Candle
    Candle in snowflake-shaped glass base. Gift box included. Box: 123 x 123 x 30 mm. Material :Glass.


  2. Norilsk. Decorative Candle 422740

    Norilsk. Decorative Candle
    Candle in pine-shaped glass base. Gift box included. Box: 99 x 95 x 24 mm. Material :Glass.


  3. Electric Candle Liwa 002152833

    Electric Candle Liwa
    Battery powered mini push on light.

    From£0.60 EACH

  4. Fragrance candle 002135110

    Fragrance candle
    Fragranced candle in decorative tin box. Material: Wax.

    From£1.53 EACH

  5. Candle Persy 445336

    Candle Persy
    Aromatic candle presented in an original glass jar. available in a wide range of colours and...

    From£1.46 EACH

  6. Scented candle in glass 002134053

    Scented candle in glass
    Fragranced small candle in coloured glass. Material: Glass.

    From£1.69 EACH

  7. Sweet. Decorative Candle 422738

    Sweet. Decorative Candle
    Heart shaped candle and glass base. Gift box included. Box: 93 x 93 x 25 mm. Material :Glass.

    From£1.82 EACH

  8. Sioko candle 431915

    Sioko candle
    Vanilla scented candle in matching colour metal tin box.

    From£2.34 EACH

  9. Shiva scented candle 431918

    Shiva scented candle
    Scented candle in metal tin box covered with string. Available Scents: Vanilla, Orange, Chocolate.

    From£2.61 EACH

  10. Tepor candle 432673

    Tepor candle
    Scented candle in glass jar with cork lid.

    From£2.99 EACH

  11. Candle on round wooden base 442187

    Candle on round wooden base
    Round shaped wooden decorative base with vanilla fragranced candle.

    From£2.95 EACH

  12. Candle Sioko 002152043

    Candle Sioko
    Vanilla scented candle in a metal tin.

    From£2.28 EACH

  13. Temul chalk candle 431917

    Temul chalk candle
    Vanilla scented candle in glass chalk jar. In paper box with one chalk.

    From£4.16 EACH

  14. Candle Nettax 002151168

    Candle Nettax
    Aromatic single wick candle in glass container of bright tones with varied fragrances. Available in...

    From£2.92 EACH

  15. Candle Shiva 444279

    Candle Shiva
    Relax with our aromatic candle in a metallic container covered with thread in a variety of colours....

    From£2.39 EACH

  16. Candle Tepor 002150065

    Candle Tepor
    Scented candle in a frosted glass jar supplied with a cork lid and recycled cardboard hangtag for...

    From£2.89 EACH

  17. Cosmos ball candle 431919

    Cosmos ball candle
    Unscented ball candle in full colour printed paper gift box. Price includes digital printing. MOQ:...

    From£4.54 EACH

  18. Candle Zamir 002153814

    Candle Zamir
    Metallic glass tea light candle holder with star motif. Supplied in a clear box with a matching...

    From£2.73 EACH

  19. Trivak candle 432672

    Trivak candle
    Vanilla scented candle in glass jar with bamboo lid.

    From£4.76 EACH

  20. Candle Set Snifik 002153822

    Candle Set Snifik
    Set of six candles with snowflake design.

    From£3.05 EACH

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