1. Metlogic Calculator 201135457

    Metlogic Calculator
    Solar powered 8 digit calculator. Clear display with tactile rubber buttons.

    From£1.61 EACH

  2. Razor Slimline Solar Calculator 201135455

    Razor Slimline Solar Calculator
    Reduced price! Slimline solar powered calculator. Oversized calculator with large tactile rubber...

    From£1.53 EACH

  3. Infinity ruler 608132063

    Infinity ruler
    Practical slim line aluminium ruler with a built in solar powered calculator.

    From£2.42 EACH

  4. Tingo calculator 201135453

    Tingo calculator
    Retro 10 digit solar calculator with an attractive brushed aluminium finish and matching coloured...

    From£3.04 EACH

  5. Curve World Time Calculator 201135456

    Curve World Time Calculator
    Attractive calculator that displays world time, the current time, date and calendar with an alarm.

    From£3.90 EACH

  6. Ruler Calculator Mensor 002152842

    Ruler Calculator Mensor
    Eight digit dual power 10cm ruler calculator with magnifying glass.

    From£1.44 EACH

  7. Ruler Calculator Profex 002152276

    Ruler Calculator Profex
    20cm/8" calculator ruler. Button batteries included.

    From£2.61 EACH

  8. Bullet Summa pocket calculator 418210

    Bullet Summa pocket calculator
    Summa pocket calculator. Colourful 10 digit eco-friendly calculator made of corn. Powered by ...

    From£5.26 EACH

  9. Multi-Function 5 in 1 Calculator 002149373

    Multi-Function 5 in 1 Calculator
    Metal calculator with backlight, date, time, timer and temperature. Push the screen to change the...

    From£5.80 EACH

  10. Bullet Cyrus calculator with full-colour branding 415614

    Bullet Cyrus calculator with full-colour branding
    Cyrus calculator with full-colour branding. Bestselling calculator with the entire background as a...

    From£5.89 EACH

  11. Bullet Eugene calculator made of bamboo 416145

    Bullet Eugene calculator made of bamboo
    Eugene calculator made of bamboo. 8 digit eco-friendly bamboo calculator. Works on solar power....

    From£11.61 EACH