Air fresheners

  1. Air Freshener 002155267

    Air Freshener
    Absorbent paper board air fresheners printed up to full colour on both sides. Manufactured to your...

    From£0.35 EACH

  2. Lavender Air Freshener Spray, 8ml 441129

    Lavender Air Freshener Spray 8ml
    The perfect pocket-sized air freshener ideal for use in the home or the office. Comes in a clear...

    From£0.94 EACH

  3. Air Freshener Pranger 002152471

    Air Freshener Pranger
    Air freshener with 40ml of liquid.

    From£1.13 EACH

  4. Nailex aroma diffuser set 431923

    Nailex aroma diffuser set
    Aroma diffuser set with jasmine oil, mini ceramic vase, 5 wooden diffuser sticks and 2 wooden...

    From£5.91 EACH

  5. Ukiyo deluxe fragrance sticks 430340

    Ukiyo deluxe fragrance sticks
    Give each space its own personality with this beautiful deluxe incense set from Ukiyo. Ukiyo means...

    From£7.97 EACH

  6. Hestel aroma diffuser 439575

    Hestel aroma diffuser
    Aroma diffuser with glass bottle and wooden top. With 40 ml lavender perfume and wooden diffuser...

    From£12.11 EACH

  7. RD01 Natural Reed Fragrance Diffuser 002154187

    RD01 Natural Reed Fragrance Diffuser
    - Made to order - 50ml reed fragrance diffuser in a square glass bottle - Natural rattan sticks -...

    From£11.49 EACH

  8. Aromatic Diffuser Hestel 444833

    Aromatic Diffuser Hestel
    Aromatic diffuser with soft lavender scent, including 3 fragrant rattan sticks. Supplied in a 40ml...

    From£9.59 EACH

  9. Humidifier Wicket 444944

    Humidifier Wicket
    Nature line, stylish and decorative humidifier, made from a combination of bamboo and solid PC....

    From£19.30 EACH

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